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Frazzled 2 Fabulous 

GO Health and Fitness 2023


IF: You are feeling Overwhelmed, Overweight, Hormonal & generally FRAZZLED....   

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Discover simple, life changing steps, to lose weight for good. 

Regain control of your eating, your body and your life without setting foot in the Gym.

  • Quick nutritious meals (that the whole family can enjoy (and no counting calories or weighing portions!).  
  • Bite-sized 'Giveit10' workouts for movement and strength.  
  • Includes 4 Week GUT RESET module for improved energy, better sleep, strong immune system and reduced/eliminated menopause symptoms.
  • All delivered ONLINE - you can be ANYWHERE in the World!
  • Plant Based, High Protein or Low Carb Recipe Packs (inc 'done for you' meal plans)
  • New Recipe Packs Weekly
  • 100's of meals to suit every taste 
  • Private GO Health and Fitness App (or via PC)
  • Nutrition Habit Coaching for lifelong results
  • Mindset work because it all starts here!
  • Planning simple tactics to keep it easy
  • Support Group – this is where the magic happens – stay accountable to your buddies, post your goals, laugh, cry and celebrate together. 
  • Live team calls with me
  • Quick daily, ‘at home’ exercises - no need for kit OR the gym! 
  • Progressive workouts to build strong foundations, injury free
  • Focus on reducing lower back pain and building a stable core
  • Online Progress Tracking to keep you motivated
  • Work out when and where it suits you
  • No contracts & cancel anytime

 "I can feel the difference in my core and I am over the moon about the progress in my knee, which is improving beautifully because of the improvement in my glutes!   I’m really enjoying the difference this Programme is bringing to my exercise habits.  I am in danger of becoming a fanatic!!"

Lesley Lee - Mum, Grandma &  Auntie

Jennie is fantastic. I love doing this online as it’s much more flexible, I can move tasks/training sessions around if I have time constraints which is good for us who have to grab time here and there. The app and website is easy to use and Jennie can check up on me whenever she needs too. I’ve become stronger and fitter and have lost nearly a stone! I totally recommend this program AND Jennie. Go (Health and Fitness) for it!”

Caroline Chappell - Primary School Teacher

"Thank you for the last ten weeks... I’m back running again and have lost a stone - couldn’t be happier! You have helped me back to feeling fitter and more content."

With love, Lou

Lou Ball - Businesswoman

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The Bravest Guarantee in the World

I 100% Guarantee you'll love "Frazzled 2 Fabulous" or I'll return your full investment.  At the end of 10 weeks, if you have followed the programme and are not happy, you can write to me for a full refund.

Does it get any fairer than that? 

There’s no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to getting the nutrients your body needs to function, look and feel fantastic or the workouts that will suit you, but there are definitely changes everyone benefits from.

Whilst the best results always come from fully tailored meal and exercise plans, this programme is a perfect springboard to fat loss, a healthier life and addressing any pain triggers.  Beyond the first 10 weeks, you will join the Giveit10'ers who are putting daily habits into practise to ensure lifelong results. 

There’s two things I love: food, and helping people improve their health naturally.

Take the first step... 

"The hints, tips and guidance I have had from Jennie over the past 10 weeks have completely transformed all my bad habits. The new habits are here to stay, and this will never finish for me. The results I have seen are amazing! I have lost weight, my running speeds have increased to where I was pre children!, clothes fit I have not worn in years, my energy levels have increased, and my mindset towards 'emotional eating' is in a completely different place now.  The course was so easy to follow and complete. it worked beyond what I could have ever imagined!I can not recommend Jennie highly enough."

Julie Lavery - Director Orb Rope Access

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